Cutting the Cable Cord?

I do have to say that we do still have our cable.  We haven’t managed to cut the cable cord ourselves….  Personally I love CBS and TNT and a couple other channels that are tougher to find on services.  We do have a HULU subscription and Netflix.  I can also buy shows on iTunes – but so far for me the cost for all my favorite series works out to more than the cost of cable and I can’t bring myself to wait the extra time until they become available.  Shows such as Major Crimes on TNT are now hard to get access to without a wait unless you purchase the series or have cable.

I do use my HULU a lot though to catch all the shows that I missed!  I could watch them using On Demand, but Hulu is so quick to get my favorite shows out online.

Some options:

  • Fire TV is one option – There even is a version with gaming and a gaming controller. I like Fire TV and if you have Amazon Prime it includes several shows that are included.  The newest version has voice control.  Ours plugs into the HDMI port and for ours hooks to HULU, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Smart TV – Our TV has built in apps also.  HULU, Netflix and others are built in.  It’s convenient as it’s built directly into the TV.  It’s also one of my favorites to use.
  • Apple TV – We haven’t updated our Apple TV yet, but I love our older version.  The new version will have voice and a hard drive included.  Our version (the older version) works through our computers iTunes library and streaming.  I’ve got my phone set up as a remote for it and all my music is in iTunes, so I also love this one.
  • Roku – We don’t have this one….
  • Google Chromecast – Another I haven’t tried
  • I also use my phone and computer to watch through apps and the web sites.

Personally I’m not ready to swap over to no cable, but I can see where it’s possible.  In all though with the cost of hulu, netflix, and the shows I enjoy – my total would be more than what I pay for cable if I switched.