Blue Apron

Thanks to some friends, Spicy Moms!  I decided to finally take the plunge and try Blue Apron.  Our first set of first meals arrived yesterday and I made the chicken entree last night.  Spicy Miso Glazed Chicken Wings. The Chicken Wings come wIMG_4610 ith a mixed salad to go with.

The Blue Apron box came with two big frozen ice packs to keep everything cold and was still partially frozen when I unpacked it.  I decided to cook the chicken first first.  The box had everything but the olive oil to cook in (I may have missed it in the box, but I have plenty here)

This meal included purple rice – I’ve never made purple rice and anymore I use a rice cooker for rice, so I was shocked at how purple my pot and spoon became.  I was really worried the rice would come out crunchy, but it came out perfect.  Zucchini (Also something I haven’t eaten before) was cooked and cucumber rIMG_4611aw.  I cut everything up ahead of time to prep and put them all in bowls. The cooking then was pretty easy.

We chose not to make ours very spicy, and the recipe gave us the option to choose how spicy the chicken glaze would be!  I had a couple times that I stopped and puzzled over the instructions, but all in all they were fairly simple to figure out and I did get them figured out.

This box was free, sent to me by a friend that had free meals IMG_4612to send after using Blue Apron for a few weeks.  I am going to keep up the subscriptions for a little while.  For me at first I said I wouldn’t fix this again myself, I think what I really meant was I wouldn’t go to the store and shop for these ingredients and make this from scratch myself.  Coming in the box like this it was pretty easy to make, and my husband loved it.

I didn’t plate the food, and we made the 2 servers stretch to 3 with no problem for this meal.  The veggies were a good mix between raw and cooked and I loved the wings.  I was glad I hadn’t added much of the spicy seasoning when I noticed my middle son eating several wings, and my husband commented on how great the meal was!