Arrival Review

We rented the movie Arrival the other night. I was super excited to watch it.  It looked exciting – kind of reminiscent of the movie Contact with Jodie Foster years ago.  At least that was the impression from the previews I had gotten.  I usually really like these type of movies and couldn’t wait.  The movie started out great!  It moved on though to become confusing as it swapped back and forth between what appeared to be scenes from the main characters past and the present. The time frame of the movie was all taking place in one location, that didn’t involve many scene changes – so I wondered if the flashes were to add some additional scenery.  The movie though ended up having a very surprising twist which to me made all the hopping around all the more confusing in the end.

In the end I was disappointed in the movie and wouldn’t recommend anyone pay to see it.  It’s definitely one I would wait for on Netflix!