Apps Review (None were keepers)

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I recently looked at (and deleted) most of these apps for iPhone….

Daily Deals:
There weren’t any deals in our area. I’m not sure how it would be if living somewhere else, but for Bowling Green it wasn’t a keeper.

Couldn’t figure it out.

Looked like it mean to be a pinterest type site, but not as addicting. I didn’t see anything in the beginning that I might want to come back for. It goes with the site….

Sticky Note:
This one is just post its. Again, not one that held my interest, but if you like to leave notes to yourself this might be a good app for you.

Wea Pro HD (the free Version)
Includes temperature and basic weather information. It didn’t include radar so I’m sticking with The Weather Channel’s app.

There was only one school listed. It’s going. If that one school is the school you work with or attend then it would be worth checking out, but since it wasn’t for me – It’s being deleted.

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