That favorite pair of shoes!

I have a pair of shoes that I love! They are sketchers mary jane style tennis shoes. I’ve had them a few years and I CAN NOT find a pair like them.  I’ve found ones in leather, I’ve found similar, but not the same ones.  I always go back to my favorite pair. I’m missing the sole from the bottom of one. I have a hole through the bottom of one where I stepped on a nail (yes it went through my foot) … and I can’t give them up!

I’ve gotten about 10 pairs since to replace them, maybe more.  IMG_4773I’ve found a pair that’s similar, FINALLY, but

  1. they are not as wide
  2. They don’t have the elastic strap, it’s a non stretch strap with a fastener.
  3. the arch just seems different.

I’m hoping with time they will stretch and flatten, adjusting the fit.  The strap will never change, but hopefully as the rest adjusts they will become comfortable. The hardest part is that I can’t seem to just slip them on my feet without undoing the fastener and redoing it.

So my old shoes are still sitting where I can slip them on quickly.  If I’m going out for a while I’ll take the time to put shoes on, but running to the mailbox, or something quick – on go my old shoes.

Anyone know where I can find a pair of my ‘good’ shoes?