Teriyaki Tofu Steaks with Soba Noodles

We had left over Tofu the other night and I needed something to do with it.  What to do that everyone would eat.  So I decided to make Tofu steaks with noodles.  It turned out pretty good too!  To make we already had a bottle of ginger teriyaki in the cabinet so I cut the tofu into steaks and put a layer of teriyaki into the pan.  I then ‘fried’ the Tofu in the boiling Teriyaki for a little bit while the Soba Noodles boiled in water.

We didn’t have a lot of fresh veggies to add – normally I would have used green onions and then sesame seeds, but i had a container of dried chives.  So I through some dried chives into the boiling water with the soba noodles.

After I drained the soba noodles I put the noodles, chives, sesame seeds and tofu steaks on the table to be   combined for dinner.

– Not a picture of mine, but what I sed for inspiration.  I think it is definitely something we will try again.  Maybe with fresh veggies next time!