Side Dish (Green Beans)

I decided to make a recipe from Rachel Ray’s Magazine last night for dinner.  It looked so good and I had bought fresh green beans.  The original recipe called for Green Beans, Mushrooms, Almonds, Butter and Seasoning.  Of course I was sure I had Mushrooms in the cabinet and thought the almonds probably were too.

When I started the butter melting I looked for the Mushrooms – none. 🙁 So I needed to substitute.  Here’s what I ended up making:

Green Beans

  • Melt some Butter
  • Dice Onions and then brown in the butter.
  • Add a little pepper (for taste) – the recipe called for salt also but I add salt to nothing….  We get enough salt in everything else (My butter was probably salted even)
  • While doing that Blanch Green Beans – Turns out this means boil them for three minutes in hot water.
  • Add the Green Beans to the Onions in the pan and cook until taste done.  I think it was about 5 minutes for me and I had them on about medium temp.

Then I just put them in a bowl to serve.  We ate the whole batch!