More Blue Apron

IMG_4619IMG_4620IMG_4621IMG_4622IMG_4623IMG_4624IMG_4638IMG_0033We have continued having Blue Apron for the last few weeks.  So far it’s been a good choice and we’ve only had a couple meals that we wouldn’t choose again.  The meals I hear my family complain the most about are the ones that are meat free. My middle son prefers the items that are chicken or beef,  not fish.   I have been happy though to see him try each thing.

Each meal comes with a card that has a description, an ingredient list, and instructions.  The box also includes all the ingredients but salt, pepper, and olive oil.  (It even has the butter when needed!)  I’ve found that it seems to be rare for the meals to have dairy in them.  There have been a couple with butter and one with creme fraise.  We also have had a couple with eggs.

Most though have been vegetables, some that that I have never tried before – see the tomatillo below!  I’ve really been surprised at the things I’ve tried.

Each box has showed up before dinner on Wednesday, so we’ve been having Blue Apron for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dinner….