Low Fat Crab Ragoons

I love crab rangoon…..  I had to give it a try to make my own recipe!  I didn’t really measure ingredients, but it still came out well.  I used Wonton Wrappers, cream cheese (low fat), chives, imitation crab meat (I could have used real), garlic powder, and onion powder.

Using a large bowl I mixed all the ingredients but the Wonton Wrappers (eyeing the amounts.) I used a package of the cream cheese and a package of crab meat….  I then put the ingredients into the wonton wrappers. Use water in a bowl on your finger around the edge to seal the sides.  (Don’t over stuff or the filling will run out during baking!)

Now bake on a baking sheet.

I used 375 degrees and checked every so often.  It took about 10 minutes.   – They came out GREAT!  They were a lot better than the Lobster and Crab Ragoon that I found in the frozen section at SAMS club last week (and a lot less calories).