At the recommendation of a friend I decided to try an iCoffee… I’ve been using a Keurig, which I love, but I’m always ready for an upgrade!  I started by watching YouTube video reviews.  Always a good choice when debating whether to buy something.  All the reviews sounded great!  Cool design, pretty colors, and less bitter coffee due to the fact that the needle spins in the coffee grounds.

This was sounding like a great choice.  Link below let:s you help me out and buy one on Amazon.  Now for my review:  What I found when I actually got one.

  1. It doesn’t have a clock or anything like the digital display my Keurig had.  the only digital display is for size of the cup.
  2. It goes up to 12 oz, not the Carafe I had before – but I knew that ahead…..
  3. It takes FOREVER, and I do mean forever to warm up.  And it doesn’t stay warmed up throughout the day, it requires me to wait frequently while it warms up.  Warm up is long enough for me to run down the hall, use the rest room, fix some toast for Breakfast and then be back to hit the button to make my coffee.  No Bueno!
  4. The taste was fine.  I can’t say I can tell a huge difference, but after the long wait it could just be I was desperate.
  5. Every person that comes over I have to give a short tutorial on how to open it to put the pods in…. and explain the wait….

All in all I now know I would have chosen differently, but I will use the iCoffee for a while before upgrading, and it does take all K-Cups, which is pretty important to me.