Headed to College

We are dealing with college costs here.  My oldest will be headed off to grad school and my middle will be headed to college as a freshman.  One of the big costs that is uncertain is books!  You know you will have housing, tuition, and food.  You can even get those numbers way in advance of arriving on campus and pick out your favorite plans.  Textbooks though are something that puts you at the whim of your professor.  You may even be stuck finding a book at the last minute as your professor adds one the first day of class.

Used textbooks are great for saving a little money, but in some cases – especially science textbooks, they may be missing essential codes that are needed.  Electronic books frequently are cheaper – but may also not have that critical code.

Amazon also has a textbook rental service.  It also can be missing the code and supplemental materials, but it may be a cheaper way to get a book.   It’s definitely worth looking around for a deal on books.

When buying though check the ISBN number to be sure that your book matches the book that you need.   Average textbook costs are around $700 (and that’s per semester).

To save also:

1. Avoid the bookstore. – Try places like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles textbook sections.

2. Buy Used Books – check local and online.  You can also resell books after you use them.

3. Check the Library – Do they have a copy?
4. Rental
5. Ebooks – they are frequently cheaper.