Gas and Electric Bills!

Adjust your Thermostat!

  • Set your “away from home” temperature. Setting the temperature at least 10°F higher in the summer and 10°F lower in the winter is a good rule of thumb.
  • Stay comfortable. Use an extra blanket to stay warm in colder months and a fan to stay cool in warmer months. You can also put on extra layers during the winter (for summer put an icy rag over your fan – soak a rag in water and freeze it then lay it over your fan or hang it in front of an open window)
  • Make and use draft dodgers for in front of doors and window cracks to stop draft from entering.
  • Only heat or cool the zones you occupy. If you have separate thermostats on different floors or in different areas, adjust the thermostat to avoid wasting energy in the area you are not using.
  • Program your thermostat. Consider installing a programmable thermostat for added convenience.  We installed one for each floor of our house and have them set to drop the temperature after we fall asleep.

  • Go the extra mile: To save even more energy, set your thermostat lower when you sleep (or higher in the summer).

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Note:  Be Careful using any heaters to make sure to keep space clear around them.  Clutter can easily ignite.


Also if you need help paying your electric or gas bill there are agencies available to help:

Also call your electric or gas company for recommendations of help.

My mother’s propane was just $2200 and that was when propane was $2.75/gallon – given that it has now reached $5/gallon in her area – I’ve been suggesting alternative heating methods for her house.   What are some ways you are staying warm and dealing with the propane shortage?



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