Easy Money?

Cashtexts.com sounds too good to be true!

Here’s what they say:

A couple ways! The first is to sign up for free and every time we text you an advertisement you earn 5 cents! Also, we have a 5 level refer-a-friend system. So you will earn cash every time people in your referral receive a text! Secondly, if you bring us an advertiser you will earn a 10% commission on that account for life, plus earn a half percent on 5 levels of Advertiser referrals! Finally, you can save money by using the coupons and discounts in the offers that our advertisers send you.

It also mentions that the most texts you receive a day is 5 but you can refer a friend and get an extra 3 cents per friend….

So for your own texts you can earn 20 cents a day as a maximum, if you refer 5 friends and they receive 5 texts each day that’s another 75 cents a day.  Which can work out to about 30 dollars a month as the maximum.   Not a whole lot extra income, but enough to pay for my texting plan at least…  Of course we have 4 members in our family with phones… so theoretically I could up that some.  Even if they get 5 friends that’s still only $100 a month – not enough to pay the whole bill, but it would definitely help out.


Of course signing up is by referral only so use the code 47563 when you sign up.


I haven’t been paid yet by this but it seems worth a try!

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