Crab Cakes – Hack the Recipe

crab cakesI really wanted to make crab cakes the other day and didn’t have all the ingredients! So what do you do, I just use what I have! I’ve now made them a few times and the recipe has been different every time.

I did look at the recipe on the package, but a few ingredients alluded me.  The main ingredients needed being crab and mayo – I have that.  We also had the eggs and crushed crackers – or bread crumbs in some cases covered… The seasoning was another thing…..

So, in my kitchen I have ground mustard, pepper, garlic, and parsley. I didn’t measure but I’m sure on most of the seasonings I didn’t use way too much.

After mixing everything together, I made patties out of this and fried them. Yeah!  Crab Cakes!