Cajun Oysters

Fried Oysters made with Crispy Cajun…. I actually grabbed the wrong package, but these were simple to make with our air fryer.  We ended up eating them though as sandwiches.  This crispy Cajun breading is spicy for sure!  I simply put the breading in a bag and threw my oysters in to the bag.  I then shook the bag with the oysters to coat them.

I put the oysters into my air fryer, spraying with a little oil and using the fish setting let them cook until the machine turned off.  I should have sprayed my air fryer basket first.  After a bite, we proceeded to eat them with lots of white bread and milk!  With the breading I intended to grab, these would have been perfect (or if you like spicy food!)

Crispy Cajun

Crispy Cajun from Zatarains

Oyesters Zatarain at store