Amazon Pantry!

Recently I noticed a post on Amazon Pantry. It allows you to use coupons and combined with prime lets you fill a box and have it shipped for about $5. As you add items to your pantry box the site tells you how much space in the box each item will take up. For example, Oreos take up Fills 2.4% of your Pantry box…. (Oreo Double Stuff Sandwich Cookie, 15.35 Oz- $2.98 ($0.18/oz))

So really you can get a LOT of Oreos in your box. For me though I was looking for Rotini to start –

Which also takes 2.4% of the box and includes a coupon for 10% off. Which is great but it looks like it only counts for one box. I added two different Barilla items and found that I can’t use one for each either so that won’t really work as well!

Next I looked at the things I buy frequently. I usually buy things like Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and more though subscribe and save or at the store with coupons when I can. Toilet Paper took just over 16% of the box and paper towels took almost 25%! I did find the paper towels were 2.74 per roll through subscribe and save and 1.60 per roll with pantry. Subscribe and Save has no shipping, but pantry has shipping. The toilet paper though didn’t work out quite as well. The subscribe and save looked to be cheaper in the long run. So it’s really worth comparing before buying. Keeping in mind of course that subscribe and save keeps coming unless you turn off the subscription later.