A New Comb

ACombMy youngest finds these weighty subjects, and nothing to laugh over… but sometimes I have to laugh at myself just to maintain my own internal compass.  I will find myself realizing that what’s important isn’t really what I was stressing over… Having a unique boy is always a challenge!  I was reminded when yesterday my little one told us that he didn’t want his hair combed because a boy,  told him at school that when he comes to school with his hair combed – he smells like hair spray.  Interestingly enough, we don’t use hair spray, and why was the other boy smelling my little ones hair?  But this had bothered us enough that nothing would work until we got a new comb.

Situations in our house mean that we get a new comb.  There isn’t reasoning with this.  You want to find the person that said something and say please don’t say things to my son, but part of growing up is that people will speak to him….  One of my goals is to try to minimize the impact their words have on my son.  We’ve eliminated whole clothing lines in the past because of a comments made by teachers at drop off (is it pajama day?)….

We also battled the ‘there is something in my sock’ this morning.  He was facing down a feeling of something that I just had no idea what it was.  Luckily this morning the offending item disappeared pretty quickly and we were able to leave for school.

On the way home the day before we had faced the battle of the ‘my applesause is different’.  I had gotten Original instead of Natural Mott’s Applesauce.  It was pointed out to me on the way home that the package didn’t say “No Sugar Added”…. At this point I realized how closely my son examines his food….

What’s really important is that he is eating, he’s dressed, his clothes are clean, and he’s speaking.  He may eat the same thing every day for lunch when at school, but I can get him to vary it up some at home.  He’s funny and smart! So why sweat the small stuff.