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Jan 28

Always sold out!

Around our house there are only a few foods my son will eat!  Smiley fries is one.thing that my son will eat besides pizza for dinner.. and apparently very popular with someone else. It’s sold out almost every time I try to get some at Kroger. The solution isn’t to just swap foods in this …

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Dec 26


Note: Our family celebrates Christmas – though we do have friends that celebrate lots of different holidays. For Christmas this year, my goal was to get gifts that my kids would enjoy, use, and wouldn’t get consigned to the never be touched again list.  My youngest was pretty easy, he wanted quixels, yokai watch, and …

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May 28

Buying a Car?

Currently we have a van – yep I’m that mom with a bunch of kids that has a van full.  BUT we have a huge range in kids age and my house is about to clear out.  I do love my van!  It has DVD with 5 disc changer, heated leather seats, a button to …

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Feb 01

Save on your Electric and Gas Bill – Tip #2!

Tip #2: Change your furnace filter!  If your furnace runs efficiently it will save you money.  To run efficiently a furnace needs to be able to draw air through the filter.  Furnaces have a filter at the cold air return and it’s easy to change this yourself.  As the dusty air gets sucked in through …

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Mar 29

Diet (What works?)

I’m really curious what works.  Of course what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  Some say eating less is the way to go, others say that your body will go into starvation mode and ‘hibernate’ so that you are subsisting on almost no calories causing you to gain more weight on hardly any …

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