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Jan 04

Free Kindle Book – Organize for a Fresh Start

  I love free books.  I have to admit my Kindle is full of them.  Here’s is one I found and links to information about more. A free Kindle Books available today: Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life  Reading the first few chapters did get me thinking about STUFF. Our …

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Dec 23

Can’t find that VERY important gift? Where to look.

Check out the site http://wiialerts.com/  – We Alert, You Buy.  Looking for a Leap Pad Tablet, a Lalaloopsy Doll, Angry Bird knock on Wood Game?  This site will send you an alert when one becomes available!  You can even get the alert on your phone! How cool is that! I am really glad I’m done …

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Apr 28

No more Cable

There are several places you can get TV shows without subscribing to Cable.  Most major networks allow you to watch their shows on the web.  (ABC, CBS, NBC)  as well as several other stations. The first step is to figure out a good way to watch if want to see them on your tv.  In …

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Apr 27

Get out of Debt in All You

I just saw the Get out of Debt article in the latest All You magazine. I agree with some and really don’t agree with others in the article. 1. Prioritize Payments.  They recommend prioritizing your payments.  Pay living expenses first (of course that doesn’t include cable, or anything that you can live without. It does …

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