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Aug 07

Home Chef

We are still getting Home Chef for our meals.  So far it seems to be the healthiest for the money.  The meals now have been coming in a separate bag for each meal minus the meat.  The meat is in a second bag that is under all the ice to help keep it cooler.  The …

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Mar 09

Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Aspargus

This meal was also from Terra’s Kitchen. It wasn’t too bad.  The whole thing was baked and included strips of sweet potatoes, asparagus, with salmon. The salmon included a rub with mustard and other ingredients mixed together to rub on the salmon.  It wasn’t bad at all and the baking made it healthy. The big …

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Mar 03

Bleu Cheese Steak Salad

Our last meal for the week was a salad with bleu cheese steak. I love bleu cheese, but my husband doesn’t. The rub for the steak had red pepper in it and definitely was spicy. I think the dressing made from mustard was something some people would like.  The salad itself was lettuce, spinach, and …

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Feb 28

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Veggies

The Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Veggies and Couscous were from the Terra’s Kitchen box.  Like the previous box they didn’t have as much flavor as some of our previous options from when we ordered Blue Apron.  I did like the Tilapia and the couscous.  The veggies included rosemary as a seasoning.  The recipe called for …

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Feb 22

Terra’s Kitchen – Gonna Give it a Try

Our Terra’s Kitchen box showed up last Saturday. The tag said to pull off the label and put the box back on the porch for the next business day. We put it right back out after unloading and it was gone on Monday. I loved the container! It was a large, sturdy container with hard …

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