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Mar 29

House for Sale, As Is?

I had to share this photo!  To me this sounds like a nice house.  Three bedrooms, two baths for $370,000.  For our neighborhood that would be an expensive house, higher than every one of the homes I know of that have recently sold.  It also has about an average amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, so …

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Feb 05

A New Comb

My youngest finds these weighty subjects, and nothing to laugh over… but sometimes I have to laugh at myself just to maintain my own internal compass.  I will find myself realizing that what’s important isn’t really what I was stressing over… Having a unique boy is always a challenge!  I was reminded when yesterday my …

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Nov 16

Geeky or what?

I had to laugh today as I got ready to leave to pick up my little one at school.  I ran in first to double check that my vacuum, Roomba was doing what he was supposed to.  As I checked he was running around our bedroom sucking up dirt.  As I left the room though …

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Oct 16

Duh! Moment

I had to share though it doesn’t make me look to bright…  Before I do though I have to say I LOVE the car I’m driving…. I am currently driving my mother’s 2008 Prius.  We have a 2001 Toyota Prius (yes first year they came out in the US and I love it too and …

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