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Feb 07

Saving on Your Electric and Gas (Tips from BG Couponers Group and More)

The group on Facebook for BG Couponers is a great place to get tips!  Here are some tips from members in the group, as well as tips to go with: No propane here, but I lowered my thermostat setting and unplugged as many things as possible, anything no in current use is getting unplugged or …

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Feb 03

Tip #3 – Wrap your Water Heater and turn it down to 120 degrees! (and Don’t freeze)

Wrap your Water Heater and turn it down to 120 degrees!   1. If your water heater is in your garage like ours it can use a lot of gas or electric trying to stay warm.  Companies make blankets just to insulate your water heater.  Insulating will keep it from  working harder saving you on …

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Jan 31

Gas and Electric Bills!

Tip#1: Adjust your Thermostat! Set your “awake and home” temperature. When you are awake and at home, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests setting your thermostat no higher than 68°F for heating and no lower than 78°F for cooling. Set your “away from home” temperature. Setting the temperature at least 10°F higher in the summer …

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Jan 06

Save on Electric?

So, you do what you can to try to cut cost of electric down.  We set the thermostat as low as we can in the winter and run the ceiling fans for better circulation.   Some ways to reduce electric cost include: 1. Turn down the temperature on your water heater 2. Turn down your …

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