Debit Cards vs Credit Card

dave ramsey article
Today reading Dave Ramsey’s article in our paper I noticed an article about debit cards vs. credit cards. It’s something my family has discussed a few times. In the article Ramsey was advising the person that had written in that debit cards should be chosen over credit cards and all about the dangers of credit cards. My issue came about from the lack of information on the danger of using debit cards.

We have had both credit cards and debit cards… we also have our credit cards paid off and don’t carry balances I’m super careful to not normally use debit cards.  In my past I’ve had debit cards fraudulently used (and credit cards too).  The debit card surprisingly had never left my possession… I had only ever used it at the bank teller – not even the ATM.  The card in question was a business card and somehow had multiple charges appear on it despite never being used.  We have also had the same type of experience with our credit card.

In both cases the card in question was immediately cancelled. In the event of the debit card the bank was great about letting me know that they should be able to reimburse the money within 10 days.  As my credit card was on a charge, the company put a dispute in and the money never left my hand.  After the amount of time, my debit card and my credit card were both ones luckily that don’t hold the victim liable. In some situations banks aren’t liable on the debit card for the first so many dollars. (Usually $50.)

We were very lucky that we weren’t dependent on the money in my business account to pay any of our bills.  I hate to think if the debit card that was stolen had been our personal account and had drained our account near time to pay our mortgage.  Our debit card normally comes out of our checking in that case and we do have savings, but I remember a friend having to borrow money to put gas in their truck until their account was reimbursed because of a debit card fiasco.

For people living pay check to pay check I can’t even imagine how devastating being without any money for 10 or more days could be.     For me the logic of using my credit card to reduce risk makes total sense.

Reasons given to not use a credit card include:

  • If you can not budget
  • If you might spend more because you are using a credit card
  • If you are already carrying a balance

Reasons to use a credit card:

  • Can’t afford to be without money in the event of a stolen card
  • Need a credit history (Cheaper interest rates on mortgages with a credit history, as well as on some other items)


  • Don’t ever pay fees to have a credit card
  • Don’t allow the limit to be set extremely higher than you need (Seriously I think we could buy a house on credit cards and have asked them numerous times to not raise our limits)
  • Watch for charges that aren’t your own.  (Generally scammers start with small purchases to see if you notice)

Chicken Nuggets


3 chicken breasts (skinless and boneless)
1 cup bread crumbs (seasoned – Italian)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tsp salt
a pinch thyme
a pinch basil
1/2 cup melted butter


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
Cut chicken breasts into pieces.

Mix together the bread crumbs, cheese, salt, thyme and basil. 

Put melted butter in a bowl for dipping.

Dip chicken pieces into the melted butter first, then coat with the breadcrumb mixture.

Bake for 20 minutes.

Non Slip Socks (Make Your Own)

  • Time Required: 30 minutes  – plus time to dry

Materials Needed:

  • Heavy Socks
  •  Puff Paint


.1. Lay the socks flat on your work surface so that the bottom side is up.
2.Use the puffy fabric paint to make dots, lines, or other shapes on the bottom of the sock.

Once the paint is dry the socks are done!  Perfect for running around the house without slipping everywhere. 


Our house has wood floors all over downstairs….  they are super slippery when they get things like furniture polish on them.  Non slip socks really help.  All it takes is a little puff paint and some socks. Easy Peasy!

Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Aspargus

This meal was also from Terra’s Kitchen. It wasn’t too bad.  The whole thing was baked and included strips of sweet potatoes, asparagus, with salmon. The salmon included a rub with mustard and other ingredients mixed together to rub on the salmon.  It wasn’t bad at all and the baking made it healthy.

The big think I was disappointed with was that I had added watermelon as a snack to go with. The watermelon was overripe even though it had a date on it a week in the future.  I really like watermelon, so I was VERY disappointed.  To top it off the side of the sweet potatoes was popped open.  That’s one of the reasons I chose this meal to make it first.

I did enjoy this meal though.  I’m not sure it was worth the money and I especially was disappointed with the watermelon. Our next meal was a kebab, that had the wrong ingredients sent to go with.  We were sent sliced mushrooms in place of whole mushrooms and a roasted corn in place of the regular corn kernels.  So far out of 6 meals, 3 have had issues, plus one of the 3 snacks we’ve gotten.  I think with the cost, I would have cancelled by now if I hadn’t already.  We have two more meals to try.  Hopefully they will improve the odds a little bit.


Storm to come

Storms are coming again. I took these pictures one of the last storms that came through.  The sky during the day always has such an interesting color and definition to it.  It’s hard to get pictures of the right color in the sky.  Hopefully these are close….