Sep 10


I just heard about this new organizer and wanted to share…..

This is great to make you new “Master Plan” for the new school year.  (I use Cozi but will give this a try)  It looks like there are mobile apps available as calendar and sharing.  I love keeping a to do list.  It even allows users to set up repeating tasks… That will come in really handy for the oil change that should be done each three months, checking the oil every couple weeks, changing the furnace filter (wonder when I did that last) and more…..
Check this organizer out at  Toodledoo.

  • Organize Your Tasks. Use folders, tags, contexts, subtasks and more to organize, search and sort through your tasks.
  • Improve Your Productivity. Toodledo’s hotlist, customizable alarms, and sortable online to-do list will help you remember to complete tasks on-time.
  • Go Anywhere. Get Toodledo on your mobile phone, in your email, on your calendar, integrated directly into your web browser, and more.
  • Collaborate. Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo’s collaboration tools.
  • Customize. Select fields you want to use and define how you want to view your tasks. Toodledo is incredibly flexible and customizable.
  • Import Your Existing Tasks. If you already use a task manager, import tasks from many sources.

As soon as the Fall kicks in, normally there’s no shortage of appointments, meetings, play dates, and much more. Google Calendar is another great way to keep track, or really similar Mobile Me.  My husband will never check though, so we also keep an up to date calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  If only I could figure out a good way to make sure things get added to it… more excuses for double planning events. Though it won’t help with the events others plan and just send you the dates yet (that’s where sharing an online calendar comes in) – I wouldn’t share with the world though… Nothing like posting to the world when you house will be empty and for how long??? Great Toys for Summer Fun & Learning at

Sep 09

Yelp, I’m buried!


Are you buried under debt?  Specifically Credit Card Debt.   I know lots of people carry credit card debt.  I think the credit agencies are even now required to post on your bill how long it will take you to pay it off if you pay the minimum and how much it will total.  We have been lucky to keep our cards paid off every month. I am bad though about carrying a balance on cards that give 0% interest when I have a big purchase to make… Like the unplanned for fridge that we had to buy last month.

Store cards frequently have these deals (you can get them from card companies sometimes too)  The store card deals are great ONLY if you pay off the balance before the final date and you pay are always on time with your payments… Otherwise you get the entire interest you would have paid tacked on – and that is usually at a really high rate.  Best Buy has this deal with their card for any large purchase. They even include the date at the bottom of your bill that you HAVE to pay off by. (These deals are on new purchases)

If you have pretty good credit you will sometimes get offered these deals through your current credit cards.  The catch is that there is a transfer fee and any previous balances will still accrue interest (and are paid off last).  Keep a close eye on the fine print on all these deals.  I generally follow the plan that if I have to pay to get the deal it most likely isn’t worth it.  – If you are paying interest currently on your cards and the fee is small then this  might be worth it.


Remember though to take the total amount owed and divide by how many months you have to pay off the balance – then substitute that for your required minimum payment.  If you do this can really pay off in the long run!  You are eating away at the debt a lot quicker if the whole payment goes to principal!


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Sep 07

Do you prefer Big or Small packages?

–To get the most out of your coupons, most of the time, use coupons on the smaller quantities of items rather than the bigger quantities.–

Double check the unit price when you are paying full price.  Milk especially gets me… At Kroger it varies whether the gallon or the half gallon is cheapest…. But with a coupon, it’s a better value usually to buy the smaller package.

Example:  If you buy paper towels for $8.00 for 8 rolls that equals 1.00/roll.  If you get the smaller package that is $1.00 for 1 rolls, it’s still 1.00/roll.  Same cost.

Compare what happens if you use your coupon for .50 off.  (Which doubles at Kroger) For the larger package, you pay $7.50 for 12 rolls (.94/roll).  For the smaller package, you pay $.50 for  1 roll (.50/roll).  The better value is now the smaller package with a coupon, not the larger package.

This works a lot of times which you can get stuff free.

Just make sure you cost compare when you use a coupon. Check Unit Prices and do the Math.


Aug 30

The Nice Home

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Having a nice home is great but one of the things I didn’t think about when I bought the place was keeping it clean. I felt like I was spending hours every weekend working on making it sparkle and it was such a relief when a friend referred me to a really good housekeeper to get some of the workload off my back. Terry has been wonderful and aside from her being really confused about how to operate the alarm she’s gotten everything right. She cleans like a master and I never have to worry about her still being there when I get home. Payment’s been a breeze and she’s got a really great disposition so all in all I think it was a really good move for me. The house sure looks better than it does when I clean it and I’m not mad because I get to spend my weekends relaxing rather than scrubbing the floors like Little Orphan Annie! Oh the pitfalls of having too much stuff, you know what I mean?

Aug 25

Safety Online

I just saw this post on Cafemom…  and it crossed my mind that some people will answer questions like this where ever they are. The internet feels really safe – after all how would they really find out who I am, where I live and so on…

Do you save little stashes of money in your home?  You know, for maybe something a little extra that you want, or a project  that you want to do?  I used to be sooo good at stashes.  Now I just save change in a jar…….but a litlle stash is always special!  Do you have one?

In reality it’s not that tough to find out who someone is… Think of all the times you probably posted what town you live in – or what region… What the name of your subdivision is….  Even what school you go to (or what school your kids go to).  Identifiable information is easy to give out without even realizing it.  Just knowing what area someone’s from and what team their kids play on can make someone easy to find. Even identifying where you work can tell what town you are probably in…  Think Linked in Here.  Some sites are also geography specific, so just looking at a list of what other groups you belong too could identify your location.

In answer to this question 26 people had replied.  I’m sure the person posting the question and the people answering were just having a conversation, but you never know who is lurking.

One reply was:

We have a change jug. It’s one of those water jugs. We have a stash of gift cards and a little bit of money. We are setting stuff aside to use while my hubby is gone for training.

I would think the odds are high that it will be fine… but my person rule is to avoid posting about where I stash money.  I also avoid things like when our house is empty, when the kids are home alone, and financial information….