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Jan 28

Always sold out!

Around our house there are only a few foods my son will eat!  Smiley fries is one.thing that my son will eat besides pizza for dinner.. and apparently very popular with someone else. It’s sold out almost every time I try to get some at Kroger. The solution isn’t to just swap foods in this …

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Dec 28


At the recommendation of a friend I decided to try an iCoffee… I’ve been using a Keurig, which I love, but I’m always ready for an upgrade!  I started by watching YouTube video reviews.  Always a good choice when debating whether to buy something.  All the reviews sounded great!  Cool design, pretty colors, and less …

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Feb 26

Security System – Arlo Wireless Cameras

After my dad’s camera was stolen, we looked for some ways to protect everything down home at the farm.  We wanted something easy to install, easy to use, and that would keep a video record long enough to allow us to get the video downloaded if there was a problem.   After looking around we found …

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Jan 29

Wait to buy a House? or Now?

Looking through the paper the other day I noticed the advice of wait to buy a house.  The situation involved seemed to be a young couple getting married that were being given the gift of a down payment by the in laws….  Reading this, I got the impression that the advice given was to not …

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Jul 13

Farmers Market

I was at the farmer’s market Saturday and ran into a ‘farmer’ who ‘knew it all’.  Herbicides are killing everyone, weeds in food are good for you, no one is really allergic to whole foods!  I’m afraid the only thing going through my mind was all the facts I actually know: 1. Growing up as …

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