Category: Saving

Holidays Already!

Has anyone noticed that the holidays are starting earlier and earlier? We went out to Toys R Us today to pick up a card and happened to hit one of the the early Christmas sales… I laugh because it’s barely November and definitely not Thanksgiving yet. I am curious when Christmas moved up to right …

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Safety Online

I just saw this post on Cafemom…  and it crossed my mind that some people will answer questions like this where ever they are. The internet feels really safe – after all how would they really find out who I am, where I live and so on… Do you save little stashes of money in …

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Get out of Debt in All You

I just saw the Get out of Debt article in the latest All You magazine. I agree with some and really don’t agree with others in the article. 1. Prioritize Payments.  They recommend prioritizing your payments.  Pay living expenses first (of course that doesn’t include cable, or anything that you can live without. It does …

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