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Cutting the Cable Cord?

I do have to say that we do still have our cable.  We haven’t managed to cut the cable cord ourselves….  Personally I love CBS and TNT and a couple other channels that are tougher to find on services.  We do have a HULU subscription and Netflix.  I can also buy shows on iTunes – …

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In Line Water Heater

One way to save money and the environment is with a Tankless Water Heater.  These water heaters are set up right before the location they are needed.  A standard water heater keeps water at temperature so that it’s available on demand.  Water is heated (and electric is used) whether water is needed or not. With …

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Pest B Gone 

One of the important things about couponing and saving money is buying things that you need (and work). Lately we’ve had an issue with a cat visiting our yard – normally not an issue, but my son is afraid of most animals, so now it’s an issue. This put me on a hunt for a …

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Amazon Pantry!

Recently I noticed a post on Amazon Pantry. It allows you to use coupons and combined with prime lets you fill a box and have it shipped for about $5. As you add items to your pantry box the site tells you how much space in the box each item will take up. For example, …

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