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Mar 29

House for Sale, As Is?

I had to share this photo!  To me this sounds like a nice house.  Three bedrooms, two baths for $370,000.  For our neighborhood that would be an expensive house, higher than every one of the homes I know of that have recently sold.  It also has about an average amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, so …

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Apr 02

Wear Blue for Autism Day

Tomorrow is wear blue for autism day.  One organization promoted it, but by wearing blue you aren’t necessarily supporting that organization. You are supporting awareness for all the kids (and adults) that have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in their lifetime.  Currently that number is listed as 1 in 68 and personally I don’t think …

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Feb 05

A New Comb

My youngest finds these weighty subjects, and nothing to laugh over… but sometimes I have to laugh at myself just to maintain my own internal compass.  I will find myself realizing that what’s important isn’t really what I was stressing over… Having a unique boy is always a challenge!  I was reminded when yesterday my …

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Nov 12

Me Time!

I find it so easy for everyone to say ‘take some time for you’.  Yet as a mom we all know that mommy time isn’t really there.  Moms come last in their own priority list.  We can say that we know that we have to put ourselves first once in a while, but in reality …

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Nov 16

Geeky or what?

I had to laugh today as I got ready to leave to pick up my little one at school.  I ran in first to double check that my vacuum, Roomba was doing what he was supposed to.  As I checked he was running around our bedroom sucking up dirt.  As I left the room though …

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