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Jul 12

Sold Out – Favorite Meal

When you have a person that will only eat certain foods, it’s tough when they sell out. We have a tough time also when the company changes their packaging (that’s actually worse since the food is off the menu permanently)….  Some kids (and adults) with special needs have difficulty eating different foods. They have very …

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Jan 15

Another Broken Crock Pot?

Did it again! Broke another crock pot…. I’m not even sure how it broke.  This one was stored under the sink in our utility room.  It went into storage just fine, in one piece! My middle son took it out for me to cook in and this is what he found.  The last crock pot …

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Jul 01

That favorite pair of shoes!

I have a pair of shoes that I love! They are sketchers mary jane style tennis shoes. I’ve had them a few years and I CAN NOT find a pair like them.  I’ve found ones in leather, I’ve found similar, but not the same ones.  I always go back to my favorite pair. I’m missing …

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Oct 03

The Quest for a Couch

As my oldest moves out he is taking my couch, thus the quest for a new couch begins.   I have found that Big Lots is having their 20% Friends and Family day tomorrow.  Big Lots a good place to get a couch?  On their site all I could find were the faux leather – the …

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Aug 27

New Car?

Looking for a new car – time to downsize! I made a list of the things I really had to have. On my list were bluetooth to hook up to my phone, backup camera and navigation. The navigation was probably the one that was a little negotiable, but the others were on the list of …

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