Category: crafts

Mar 10

Non Slip Socks (Make Your Own)

Time Required: 30 minutes  – plus time to dry   Materials Needed: Heavy Socks  Puff Paint Instructions: .1. Lay the socks flat on your work surface so that the bottom side is up. 2.Use the puffy fabric paint to make dots, lines, or other shapes on the bottom of the sock. Once the paint is …

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Aug 13

Embroidery Machine

I finally got the embroidery machine I wanted.  I’ve been having fun making designs and trying them out on the machine. I’ve learned several things – from how to transfer a design to the machine to important things like bobbin color does matter.  I ended up with the Brother Machine.  The price was better than …

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Jun 23

Totally Tutorials

I just found a great site, Totally Tutorials This site includes craft tutorials and how-tos.  It has some really great crafts.  I did a search on screen printing (the search was half way down the screen – it would be nice to have it near the top), and I didn’t find any.  They do allow …

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May 24

Make your own t-shirts

(We are still battling with the emulsion to get the exposure to work… hopefully we’ll get a t-shirt sometime soon.) My son has a Yudu t-shirt printer and we are having a great time making t-shirts. He has made some really cool designs and I’m excited to wear a couple (and make my own) It’s …

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